Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Ideas...

Well, for a few months I've been cooking from Ina Garten. She has been my biggest cooking inspiration since watching the Food Network. Well, what I've found is her meals take what feels like Forever to prepare and assemble. Which is suitable for a weekend but not a weeknight. They are also quite expensive. I'm hooked on this new personality of Food Network, Claire Robinson. Her show is 5 Ingredient Fix. Pretty amazing how few ingredients can be used for a meal! I also really enjoy Sandra Lee Semi Homemade. They are a much different style than Ina, clearly but it's more suitable for easy weeknight preparation that tastes great!

It's funny how you can be so into something for a while but than get tired of it. I think since Ina's meals were so time consuming I got a little tired of all that. But now I think this new woman plus Sandra Lee and others it will make it more interesting. I'm also going to try out some healthier foods for a while also. There is someone in my life now who is becoming health conscious and I want to support that fully! Check back with me tomorrow night because I'm trying out Giada DiLaurentis's Ground Chicken Burgers with a Rosemary garlic Mayo topped with Arugula. It looked very appealing.

I want to try Clair's fresh Tuna salad also. She had a great technique for helping to remove the fishy flavor from her kitchen. She put parchment paper on the pan and layered lemon slices down. Than she placed the Tuna on top of the lemon and wrapped the parchment paper over it for an easy clean up. Pretty clever!

Well, til next time Happy Cooking my friends!


  1. Just think of the variety of food you've experienced from following different tv chefs! I like Alton Brown, myself. Some of his recipes are pretty complicated, but they do look like they'd turn out good. I like teh diea of semi-homemade; no reason to make yourself a kitched martyr just to have a good supper. It's more realistic anyway. Who but Martha Stewart has time for some of the meals these people suggest? Anywho, keep cooking, keep learning, and don't give up on that b&b dream!

  2. Thanks Leslie! I've taken a break from cooking but getting back into it. I'm not sure how Julie Powell did it for a WHOLE YEAR! lol