Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Dinner

       On Mother's Day and Father's Day I like to make a special meal for both of them. I make meals other times of the year but on these days it's extra special. This year it's just the three of us because we celebrated with my family earlier in the week. I'm very excited about the menu. We're having Blue Cheese Burgers, a salad, grilled shrimp & tomatoes skewers. For dessert it's going to be ice cream, fruit and whipped cream. My dad literally is the hardest working man I know. Today for instance, he's had to work up at my grandmother's house in the yard and put up a new door and now he's mowing our lawn. This past year every weekend he's spent building a structure that included a one bedroom apartment along with a garage on the bottom floor. The apartment is for a family member to live in. Now this year all of our energy is going to go to the cleaning/refurnishing my grandmother's old home. That way we can put it on the market to sell.  It's going to be a whirlwind of a year but I plan to help in any way I can.
       This year's Father's Day meal is a little more special. It's special because of all my dad has done this past year and continuously does for his family and the community. He is most certainly a warrior as my mom called it. As a friend of mine and I were talking about being single she said that she and another friend of hers has said "there's no one like our dad's left." I completely agree. To find a compassionate, hard working and caring man is very difficult. In my search to find a mate it's finding someone who is also a Christian which is even harder. I look at my dad and the other men at church and how loving they are to their wives and get a bit misty eyed. The other night our church had a spaghetti dinner for the Fathers. At the end of the night one man kissed his wife before he left. I keep reminding myself that if I have to wait even 20 more years to find someone like that than it's going to be well worth the wait. Because what I've had so far doesn't even compare to the type of man my Father is.
I've learned from different chefs on food network that cooking is a way to show someone you care for them and love them. That is exactly what I'll be doing tonight. My dad really is the best dad in the world, I truly believe. I hope you like this meal Dad! I love you dearly and don't quite know what I'd do without you.

Til Next time
Happy Cooking Friends!

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