Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Danby Fun Day July 10, 2010

Well, I'm a little irritated at myself for getting out of the habit of blogging. I won't lie money has been tight so I haven't been doing as much cooking than when I first started to blog. :( Also, when I have done cooking I have to admit, I forgot to blog about it. :( GASP! However, something that use to be just a concept and a "hope it might happen" has finally happened. I now have a home bakery! It's called Lauren's Simple Pleasures Bakery. Until the time comes to have my own Bed and Breakfast I can at least have my bakery on the side. I'm still frustrated with the hours I'm getting at Wegmans but at least it allows me to do what I love as well. For the Danby Fun Day it was just what the name says, FUN! We had positive reviews all day from people and even had repeated customers. People would come and say "I was told I had to come try your cookies"... I couldn't believe people were talking about us! It was definitely a boost of good confidence and showed me that this really will work!
I have set up the next date that we will be selling at. The Danby Federated Churches Community Yard Sale. Hey, people will be walking around getting hungry :) why not? I have also inquired about being at the Ellis Hollow Fair in September. I'm praying that will work out but it's possible I'm inquiring too late. You never know though.
For our first event I used two of Ina Garten's recipes. So in fact I was staying true to this blog. :) I made her Coconut Cupcakes and her Outrageous Brownies. However, I added a twist to the brownies. Instead of coating the chocolate chips with flour I coated Andes Candies with flour and they were so delectable. It had a hint of coffee flavor, chocolate flavor and mint. What more could a chocolate lover want? :) Both my mom and dad helped which was really nice. The bakery is going to stay true to itself and remain family run. That will be our motto. :) A good friend of mine has ordered 6 dozen of our coconut macaroons (wheat free by the way) so that is our first order outside of being at an event. The Coconut Macaroons actually sold out! We also sold out of our Lemon Tea Cookies that my dad made. He actually went back home to make a fresh batch, can't get much fresher than that! :) I was beaming the entire day! Not one stressful or bad thought came to mind the entire day even after the event was over. Even though I was technically "working" I was having fun while doing it. It was rewarding seeing people enjoying what we had baked. I'm planning on adding more wheat free items for my friends who are gluten free. I've been told there is a market for those items! I sure hope you'll check us out on face book under Lauren's Simple Pleasures and keep up with where we will be selling. :) I'm really hoping to be at an event once a month. We take orders year round so please think of us for special events or even gifts for friends. :) I can't wait to see what the next chapter of my life will lead me. :)

Happy Cooking friends!

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