Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Well, another Christmas has come and gone. It was a very interesting one to say the least but still lovely. Without going into any detail I'm greatful that our family is as close as we are. I'm thankful for each member for different reasons. We had a wonderful meal. My sister made homemade Gnocchi and sauce as well as the perfect Cranberry Tart. My dad made braciola and sausage. There were great appetizers and salad to add to the meal made by my mom. Three gifts that I was especially thankful for were cookbooks! I loved every single one of my gifts equally but these just a tad bit more! haha. I got the new Throw down cookbook of Bobby Flay! and Cupcakes by Elionor Kilvans from my brother and his girlfriend Tiff and Sweet Magic by Michael Richard from my sister and her husband. Oh and my dad got a cookbook from Lisa and Jesse titled The Gourmet Cook Book, so many recipes and not enough money to try them all. LOL
As I was going through each one I kept saying aloud each recipe haha. I can't wait to get back into blogging. I think I'm going to use my friend Bev Cole's technique and blog on the weekends. When I first got into blogging I was trying to do it more regularly which cost too much plus it unfortunately got me out of it for a while. But doing it on the weekends makes it more fun and more affordable. :) There are more than 100 recipes in the Bobby Flay book, OH MY! Some I'm not that interested in because they are seafood related but 98 percent of them I want to try!
As I think about the coming year I try not to get discouraged. I go back to Wegmans the week of January 7 which I'm thankful for. I've been out for a few months to let my shoulder injuries heal. I don't think they will ever fully heal but the physical therapist has given me insight on how to do things differently. I'm ready to go back to work but I long for a full time job. I know thousands of other people do also. The economy in this day is just terrible trying to find a decent paying job that is full time with benefits. It almost feels like they are becoming extinct. :( But I'm just thankful for Wegmans. They are flexible and I can do my baking business on the side. I hope all of your Christmas's were lovely. I'd love to hear about them! I can't wait to share with you these recipes and I hope you'll be inspired to try them as well!
To Mom, Dad, Lisa, Jess, Eric and Tiff : I love each and everyone of you very much!

Merry Christmas!

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