Sunday, February 7, 2010

Paula Deen's Chocolate Mound Brownies

Well, yet another baking experience had to be changed. As I looked more at the Ina's recipe it called for way too much chocolate and I didn't have enough. :( Even if I halved the recipe it still wouldn't have been enough. So I looked through my other cookbooks and found Paula Deen's Chocolate Mound Brownies. That seemed like a good solution. They have pecans and coconut in them but since I didn't have pecans I just left them out. I could have added walnuts but this time I just decided to leave the nuts out completely.

I haven't tasted them yet but I hope they'll be good. It was a much more reasonable recipe to make. I love Ina but some of her recipes can be so extravagant. A lb of butter, a lb of chocolate chips plus 6 oz more etc. Ina's recipe would have made a half sheet pan of brownies lol if I had made the full recipe. Paula Deen's recipe sounded quite intriguing to try and I'm glad I did. I unfortunately can't find the recipe yet to add it on here but you can try looking it up on :)

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