Friday, January 8, 2010

Can I afford to do this?

Well, in an attempt to start my first recipe for this project I'm already a little frustrated. I called Wegmans to see how much their fillets of beef costs 18.00 a lb!!! So for a three lb recipe it would be 54.00. I can't get over that! I know meat is expensive but anyone reading this, isn't that too expensive? I really wanted to start off the blog with In'a Beef bourguinon recipe because that was in the movie Julia & Julia. Ina use to follow the original Julia Child's recipe for it however, she felt it was necessary to make it a little easier. I really admire her for that because of the popularity for that particular recipe.

Blah!!! Although it's going to be an expensive endeavor, I feel strongly enough that I'm going to stick with it. I am very much like the original Julie Powell in the sense that I feel like I always start things but don't finish them. I absolutely love Amy Adams that played Julia Powell. I truly hope that if I ever meet anybody that I'll find a guy who has the same love of food as I do like an Eric Powell or Paul Child's. They were so supportive of their wives and truly appreciated them. I sure wish I had someone like those two right now but I'm praying that there is someone else out there with similar character traits as they had that I'm meant to be with.

But for now, it's the single life. I'm so grateful for the family and friends in my life which I can cook for. :) I'm starting this weekend, what will I make? That is to be determined yet. I think I will save the beef bourguinon recipe for later in the project. I have also decided to give up eating out at restaruants for this year. Why you might ask? I just ate at a  restaurant here in Ithaca that I normally love. Kilpatricks. I literally had the absolute WORST shepherds pie I've ever eaten. The waitress warned us the skillets were hot but when I went to taste it, it was lukewarm if that. Of course, I know I should have said something but I think it bothered me more so afterward than while eating it. I wish I had commented because it cost 13.97. BLECHHH I'm not one to be so negative about a restaurant but this was bad! So I figure, why not just spend that money on groceries instead to make food at home. It's much nicer and without all the commotion with kids, music that might be terrible to listen to and a good part of the time being dissapointed with your meal. I want to see if I feel a difference after a while, like a void that is missing. I will go out to eat if I'm away or it's a family affair but as for the normal times I'm going to tell myself not to and cook at home. I always envy these chef's & Cooks like Ina Garten, Bobby Flay, Giada DeLaurentis and Mario Batali who create these FABULOUS recipes!! Such genius work. I may not ever create recipes but I most certainly want to make those recipes the absolute best that I can. I have a couple of dream jobs 1st the bed and breakfast 2nd being a food writer/critic. Being able to write about well known chef's and their recipes would be awesome.

I might be getting carried away :) but for now, we'll just stick with this project. :) I hope those following this blog will check out my new posts. Like Eric Powell said in the movie the best thing about blogs is that you just type, you don't have to be published or anything like that. I love that. :)

Til next time.... goodnight friends :)


  1. Just finished watching the movie with the hubster. My 3rd time his 2nd so everything you said about the movie is fresh on my mind. Yea, I agree about not eating out unless you can afford to do both. I don't know about you, but if I had to pay $18/lb I would just cut the recipe in half, if possible. I've done that several times throughout the years and it works for me. Happy cooking :)

  2. Lauren, Bev is right. You should definitely make a smaller portion of meat, especially if it's only for the three of you. If you're cooking for more people and it's a special occasion, perhaps it'd be worth the money.

  3. Thanks guys! I'm looking forward to making that recipe for a family occassion but I'll try my best to make smaller portions :)