Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tuna Tartar....

As I was looking through the book and seeing all I'm going eat, I have a confession to make. I'm scared of raw fish. The thought of eating tuna tar tar actually makes me sick to my stomach. It will have to take A LOT for me to eat that. Everything else I'm very excited about. Late last night I was doing some web surfing and I found it!! Julie Powell's real blog from her Julie/Julia project. It's funny watching movies that become your favorite and than seeing the real person that the movie was made about. Pretty amazing.
I promise to take pics of everything I make.... I loved in the movie where Julie said "Even after the worst day at work you can come home and know that if you had egg yolks to chocolate they will thicken." Not the exact words, I admit but I loved that segment. When frustrating days happen, cooking is a way for so many people like myself to express ourselves. I sure hope some people surfing the internet will come across this blog but you never know. For now, it's a project for personal feeling of satisfaction. I can't wait to get started....

Lets Cook!!! :)


  1. Lauren, it'll be really important for you to get sushi-grade tuna if you'll be making tartare. You want to make sure this project doesn't make you sick!

  2. Thanks Lisa! I didn't even think about that. Could you help me with it perhaps? I'm scared to make it by myself LOL