Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Culinary School....

Every now and than I get in these "disappointed in myself" moods. I have so much money in loans and nothing to show for it except some minimal life experience. Since I've been cooking I keep kicking myself for having not tried harder to complete my 1 year Culinary Certificate. 1 year! There was a lot of drama going on with some friends I had made and everything snowballed.

Now that I'm older and more determined I have this aching to go back. But is it really worth the effort and expense? I also now have my cat shadow who I love dearly. I can't bring her on campus. Campus life also doesn't interest me at all. Living in those small rooms with a roommate, not really appealing to me now. My dad was saying there are some townhouses in the town of Cobleskill. There are so many lose ends about the possibility. Seeing my chefs outfit and knife kit just make me yearn to go back even more. Like I said before about being older and more mature than when I went last time, I think I would be much more focused. Some of the chefs there are very off the cuff and use a lot of language I'm not fond of. But I think that's what it would be like in any kitchen also. Just look at the "Hells Kitchen" guy. I literally despise him. I know there are some chefs who are much more calm in the kitchen but it would be a lot to find them. There are tons of restaurants here in Ithaca but applying for anything like a line cook or something like that, without experience is difficult.

I'm just very disapointed myself for not pushing harder back than. Now I kind of feel a void and I would be more employable if I had my 1 yr A.O.S and I'd be accredited with that as well. A lot of what if's in life now and it's so difficult finding a career. Wegmans is excellent and I love it but as far as a career? Prayerfully my Bed and Breakfast will happen someday. Finding the right place for it is the challenge. All in God's timing right? There must be a reason why I didn't finish, I just can't figure out what that reason is. Cobleskill is not very far away and isn't out of the question. Anyone else reading this have similar feelings to what I have now? I'd love to know your thoughts

Take care, Lauren

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