Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chocolate chip, walnut and Cranberry Cookies

Well... I must admit, this is not an Ina Garten recipe. I'm laying low today and decided to make some cookies. I wanted a really simple recipe so I decided to do the original Nestle Tole house cookie recipe. I decided to try using parchment paper this time for some of my old pans and it worked beautifully. I added chopped walnuts and dried cranberries. The cranberries were an excellent addition. The cookies came out delicious!! I got to use my new cookie pan from my dad this Christmas.

One of the Food Network Throw down episodes showed this one set of women who make these "out of this world" cookie recipe. It's actually more of a meal because they make them to suit those who run triathlons. I'm hoping I can keep working on making them more like that for when I sell baked goods at the Ithaca Farmers Market. I hope those of you reading this and are local will come check out my families booth this upcoming summer. I'll be mostly the one their selling the items but it'll be a mixture of my dad's baking and mine. It's been a dream of mine for the last couple of years but it's been a long process with getting the kitchen licensed. The name of the bakery is going to be Lauren's Simple Pleasures Homes Bakery. I'm very excited about it. I will definitely be at the Saturday market and possibly the Dewitt Market every Tuesday and Thursday. It just depends how much we can bake to have to sell. Pretty soon I'm going to start learning how to make bread. I think that will be a big seller and there could always be one more vender for homemade bread.

Since I can't have my Bed and Breakfast quite yet this will at least be an outlet to meet even more people in Ithaca and to make some extra money doing what I love. You never know who you'll meet at those events. I'm very excited about that new adventure. Now it's getting everything finalized. I will keep everyone posted on when we will officially be open for business down there. :)

Bon Appetite!


  1. those cookes sound really good.

    maybe you want to think about lauren's simple pleasures instead of your original thought. it's kind of a cumbersome name.

  2. You should post the recipes you're trying out so those of us non-locals can give them a try! :o)