Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chocolaty Rocky Road Brownies

Today I'm doing a couple of recipes. I had asked to make dessert for Bible Study this week so I decided to make these brownies from our Down Home Cooking Cookbook. Well, I decided to use my glad ware pan so I could just leave it there. The pan came out very wobbly even though it says you can cook/bake in them. The brownies themselves were perfect. However, the frosting I'm a little worried about. For anyone reading this have you ever noticed the difference of consistency when using fat free cream cheese in baking? I melted the cream cheese, butter, and chocolate but added the milk a little late so I'm not sure if that's what caused it. The frosting tastes good but I hope it's ok.

The great thing about the recipe is that you store the brownies in your refrigerator. Which is perfect when making them a day ahead. I had to use big marsh mellows so it looks a little bulky but I hope they'll taste good. I tend to be a worry wort especially when it comes to baking. Tonight I"m finally making Ina's Beef bourguignon. I decided to use sirloin which is MUCH less expensive than the fillets which were 17.99 a lb. These were much more affordable but still a good cut of beef. I noticed she does have a second recipe which calls for chuck roast which is much more affordable for the every day cook. I asked the girl behind the counter if she could cut the beef into 1in cubes. I remember from different food network shows that you should ask the butcher if they could do that because it saves you one less step. Plus, it doesn't cost anymore for them to do it there. 

I will post later tonight to let you all know how the beef comes out. I'm very excited. It actually doesn't look too complicated just a little time consuming. But it's all going to be well worth it! 

Take Care everybody!

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