Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mmmm.... baked Macaroni & Cheese

Well, today I decided to make Ina's Baked Macaroni and Cheese. It was sooo delicious and satisfying. I'm getting more day shifts now at work so I'm able to have more time to cook which is nice. I have to admit for years I was afraid of making cheese sauce from scratch. Don't ask me why. But I've finally overcome that which is a good feeling. However, while I was cutting the rind off of the gruyere cheese I cute my finger and am sorry to say I said an unpleasant word. Ho Hum. Right before the cut happened I had been thinking about past relationships which isn't a good idea to do while cooking. Right after that is when I cute my finger.

I must say though, the Mac & Cheese was thoroughly satisfying. Very comforting.

I really wanted to make Julia Child's Chocolate and Almond Cake from the movie this weekend for some friends we're having over. However, it's much too difficult. Some of the egg yolks need to be whisked with sugar and it just seemed a little too complicated. I'm going to have to do a different chocolate cake recipe but I'm going to use Julia Child's Chocolate Butter Icing recipe. :) I'm still going to put sliced almonds all around the sides to make it look extra fancy like Julia's recipe. I was thinking of adding a fruit sauce that could go on top but I think it would make it too heavy. I'm looking forward to having my friend Heather and her boyfriend over along with 2 other friends as well. I love to entertain. It gives a nice feeling of enjoyment and gives time to catch up with everybody as well. :)

So far I've had two decent nights sleep with out any tossing or turning. I had a strange dream last night, luckily not a nightmare though and I still work up feeling well rested.I will post a picture of the mac and cheese later on. You can find most if not all of the recipes I'm doing on the Food Network website. :)

Til next time, goodnight friends :)

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