Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ina's brownie pudding

Ugh... Today was a really frustrating day right off the bat with a bad experience at a new Dr.'s office in Elmira.  Finally I forced myself out of bed and decided to make Ina's brownie pudding recipe. Well I stupidly didn't fully read the recipe right. I should have melted the butter first off. Second, I should have beaten together the eggs and sugar than added the melted butter. Not mixing the  eggs, butter and sugar. Although, either way it wouldn't have been the same because I don't have a big enough dish to put underneath the one that had the brownies in it for a water bath. I'll have to do some kitchen supply shopping when I have some extra $. Even with doing it a different way they are pretty much like regular brownies from scratch. They certainly look yummy. Julia Child's did say though "don't apologize, no excuses" haha. This post isn't as long as the others but it's nice to have something to update and share my experiences with. :)

Til next time, goodnight friends :) check out my flickr page for a picture of the brownies :) --Lauren

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